Damage appraisals

Vehicle Damage Appraisals

DEKRA provides unbiased mechanical damage inspections for leaders in the extended warranty and insurance industries as well as the nation's largest quick lube operators, new and rebuilt engine component manufacturers, and a number of other industries that face claim validation uncertainty across North America.

DEKRA's comprehensive reports and photographs provide an accurate, timely, expert assessment on what parts failed and the most prudent approach for repair, often saving money over repair facility estimates. Services include:

  • Total Loss Inspection
  • Fire Inspection
  • Repair Estimate Validation
  • Insurance Claim Inspection
  • Warranty or Service Contract Inspection

Damage Inspection Overview
Our experienced inspector completes a rigorous checklist to thoroughly evaluate the cause and extent of mechanical damage to a vehicle, including:

  • Visual inspection of the interior and exterior (photographs to document damage)
  • VIN and odometer confirmation
  • Check of levels and condition of fluids and presence of leaks
  • Mechanical failures as demonstrated by the repair facility

As DEKRA does not perform actual repairs, you can be assured our evaluations are unbiased and represent the best interests of our client.

DEKRA does not disassemble any component of the vehicle in a standard damage inspection. Depending on the extent and type of damage, you may request and authorize any necessary teardown to perform a complete examination of damaged components.

Committed to service
An inspector is assigned immediately upon authorization of the inspection, and will contact the repair facility or vehicle location contact within 24 hours to schedule the inspection appointment. While the actual time depends greatly on the schedule and compliance of the location contact, we make every effort to complete the inspection by the end of the following business day. Once the inspection is completed, the Inspection Report with photos will be uploaded to our web site within 24 hours and a copy will be emailed or faxed.

Requesting a Damage Inspection
To request a damage inspection, call our DEKRA Inspection Center at +1 (770) 971-3788 or click here to request an inspection. We will need the following information to schedule your inspection:

  • Vehicle year, make, and model
  • VIN and reported mileage
  • Repair facility or other vehicle location address
  • Location contact name and phone number (Please inform the contact that you have requested an independent inspection)
  • Details of any action taken to repair the vehicle
  • Authorization of disassembly if necessary (Please inform the location contact of the level of disassembly authorized)
  • Report delivery method (Email address or Fax number)
  • Visa or MasterCard credit card information (a check or money order is acceptable but must be received prior to the inspection)

You may also wish to provide the following details for reference in our Inspection Report:

  • Claim or contract number
  • Vehicle owner's name
  • Claim details (date of the claim and summary as stated by the vehicle owner)
  • Claim history (service type, date, and mileage)