Safety Consulting

Safety Consulting

In 2012, DEKRA acquired the leading global safety consulting firm Behavioral Science Technology, Inc. (BST). BST pioneered behavior-based safety to help create injury-free workplaces. Today, BST's expertise in leadership, culture, organizational behavior, and other key disciplines has made them the safety provider of choice among leading companies across industry.

BST's forward-thinking clients include many global Fortune 1000 companies spanning nearly every industry sector from manufacturing to energy to public agencies.

A change management approach to safety

BST’s change management approach treats safety performance within the context of the whole organization, including its systems, culture, and leadership. Not only do clients realize significant improvement in safety performance, they also build platforms that drive excellence across the business. Clients commonly achieve:

  • Reduced injury frequency and severity
  • Focused and effective safety leadership
  • Improved labor-management relations
  • Engaged employee teams
  • World-class safety functioning
  • Reduced absenteeism, turnover, and stress
  • Higher levels of employee job satisfaction, commitment, and performance
  • High-performance cultures

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Custom solutions across industries

BST's consulting approach is about helping companies integrate safety functioning within the DNA of the business. We begin with where you are and partner with you in developing a vision and strategy for the future. Our consultants bring expertise from a number of fields and our solutions have shown proven results in a number of industries, including:

Oil and gas

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Thought leadership for safety

The industry standard in thought leadership, BST's Knowledge Resource and Making Work Safer blog is your source for ideas and insights into great safety practice and performance.

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