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Laboratory for material testing and damage analysis celebrates 25 years

DEKRA Invests in Saarbrücken Laboratory

DEKRA Invests in Saarbrücken Laboratory

DEKRA Laboratory Saarbrücken

  • New microscope expands range of services
  • Former Saarland Institute for Materials Testing (MPA) has been a DEKRA lab for 25 years
  • High-tech laboratory network is focusing on new markets

The expert organization DEKRA is further expanding its laboratory for material testing and damage analysis in Saarbrücken. A new field emissions scanning electron microscope offers more detailed analysis options for customers in high-tech industries. Today, the laboratory is celebrating its 25th anniversary.

The new field emissions SEM produces high-resolution images even in a range above 120,000 times magnification and therefore allows more in-depth insights than conventional devices. The range of applications includes, for example, fractured surface investigations, surface characterization and residue identification. New for the DEKRA laboratory in Saarbrücken is the expansion of the investigation spectrum to include non-conductive materials. This enables experts to better cater for high-tech markets, such as the coating industry, nanotechnology, the electronics industry and medical technology.

At the same time, the DEKRA lab celebrates its 25th anniversary on June 30. In 1992, DEKRA took over the Saarland Institute for Materials Testing (MPA), initially with a stake in the company and later with 100 percent. Whereas the laboratory was previously geared towards building materials testing, especially concrete, it now offers material testing and damage analysis for industry, insurance companies, consumers and the courts under the brand of DEKRA Automobil GmbH. The lab is particularly specialized in analyzing sanitary damage and damage in the automotive sector.

The DEKRA laboratory is accredited by the German accreditation body (DAkkS) and, with its 25 staff members, is one of the leading institutes in this sector. It has numerous accreditations and special authorizations, including recognition as a test center by the German Association for Gas and Water (DVGW) as well as recognition as a testing, monitoring, and certification facility for concrete reinforcement bars as per the German Land Construction Ordinance (PÜZ). The lab has also recently been recognized as a VSCC for Taiwan and is therefore authorized to test vehicle parts for the Taiwanese market.

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