Litigation support

Litigation Support Services

Unbiased expert assessment
DEKRA's certified experts conduct an in-depth on-site inspection of a vehicle after an incident is reported to a manufacturer or in support of a claim by either a plaintiff or defendant in a lawsuit.

Our independent and unbiased report includes photographs, an expert assessment of the condition of the vehicle and a diagnosis of the cause of failure. Our comprehensive inspection reports provide valuable information and insight to better understand equipment malfunctions.

DEKRA is a respected leader in the automotive testing and inspection industry, completing over 26 million technical vehicle inspections around the globe each year.

Expert witness
Should a case be brought to trial, our experts are available to provide witness to the vehicle's condition and to explain the findings in our report. All of our inspectors are seasoned professionals with demonstrated industry experience within their specialty of consumer or commercial equipment.

Comprehensive inspection reports
Each inspection includes a professional report that is clearly written and easy to interpret. DEKRA inspection reports are:

  • Delivered quickly
  • Downloadable from our secure web site
  • Available with photographs and driving tests
  • Customizable to your company's requirements

Experienced in wide range of equipment
DEKRA inspectors are experienced professionals trained on a variety of consumer and commercial equipment including:

  • Tractors/trailers
  • Construction equipment
  • Heavy and mid-duty trucks
  • Cars, vans and light-duty trucks
  • Recreational vehicles