Emissions & safety

Emissions and Safety Test Stations

Our emissions and safety test stations offer mandatory state/province emissions and safety testing for the general public as well as flexible service to fleets and repair shops. Our independent and unbiased inspections are fast and reliable.

As we do not perform repairs, our focus is to help ensure safety on the road. In fact, DEKRA conducts over 26 million vehicle inspections every year around the globe!

Repair shop collaborative programs
By partnering with DEKRA, repair shops never risk losing a customer to a potential competitor for a vehicle safety or emission inspection. At DEKRA, we don't compete with your work - we complement it. For repair centers that either don't have emissions testing services onsite or that have overflow inspections, we offer:

  • Convenient billing options if you choose to invoice your customer for our services
  • Special discounts to your shop with a choice to pass discounts on to your customer
  • Direct discount to customers if you choose to refer them directly to DEKRA

Convenient and flexible fleet services
Managing a fleet of vehicles can be challenging, so we strive to alleviate the burden to dealerships, municipalities, and utility and service companies by offering discounts and convenient billing options. Our team of professionals are dedicated to provide great service and fast, reliable inspections.

For station locations, select your state or province:

California Smog Check Stations provide STAR Certified smog checks and DMV Registration Renewals as required by the State of California for emission testing of gasoline-powered cars, hybrids and diesel vehicles. Visit our California site at www.DriveSaferCalifornia.com or email us at cainspections.na@dekra.com

Utah Safety & Emission Stations provide "On the Spot" DMV Registration Renewals as required by the State of Utah for safety and emission testing of cars, RVs and diesel vehicles. Visit our Utah site at www.DriveSaferUtah.com or email us at utinspections.na@dekra.com

Texas Emissions & Safety Stations in North Central Texas provide complete safety inspections of passenger vehicles, motorcycles and RVs according to State of Texas regulations. Visit our Texas site at www.DriveSaferTexas.com or email us at txinspections.na@dekra.com

Georgia Emission Check Stations serve the metropolitan Atlanta area in emission testing of passenger vehicles, commercial vans and pick-up trucks according to State of Georgia regulations. Visit our Georgia site at www.DriveSaferGeorgia.com or email us at gainspections.na@dekra.com

North Carolina Emissions & Safety Stations provide complete safety inspections of gasoline-operated cars, hybrid vehicles and light duty trucks as required for North Carolina DMV initial and renewal registration. Visit our North Carolina site at www.DriveSaferNorthCarolina.com or email us at ncinspections.na@dekra.com

Ontario Emissions & Safety Test Stations in the Toronto area provide complete "Drive Clean" safety inspections according to Province of Ontario regulations as well as used car pre-purchase inspections, family car checks, and baby car seat checks. Visit our Ontario site at www.DriveSaferOntario.com or email us at oninspections.na@dekra.com