DOT & safety programs

Commercial Vehicle DOT & Safety Programs

Third-party regulatory safety inspections
DEKRA provides comprehensive independent inspections to not only meet Department of Transportation minimum criteria, but to also prevent accidental injury and protect the integrity and public image of our customer's brand.

Our inspection programs leverage regular and random screening evaluations to ensure the safety of commercial vehicle fleets and to reduce the occurrence of road-side inspection non-compliances on tractors, trailers, cargo tanks, and commercial service vehicle fleets.

Inspected vehicles bear the official DEKRA window decal valid for one year from date of inspection and are issued a formal inspection report from our secure web site.

Unbiased expertise
As DEKRA specializes exclusively in inspection services and performs no repairs, our inspections are truly unbiased and focused on improving the safety of our roadways. DEKRA is a respected leader in the automotive testing and inspection industry, completing over 26 million technical vehicle inspections around the globe each year.

Comprehensive inspection reports
Each inspection includes a professional report that is clearly written and easy to interpret. DEKRA inspection reports are:

  • Delivered quickly
  • Downloadable from our secure web site
  • Available with photographs and driving tests
  • Customizable to your company's requirements

Wide range of safety programs
DEKRA offers customizable safety solutions including:

  • Dedicated on-site inspectors to coordinate the inspection and reporting process for fleets
  • Scheduled annual inspections for compliance to FMCSA and CVSA requirements
  • Regular and random safety screenings to increase passing percentages at official state road-side inspections
  • Support, training and spot-check services for self-inspecting commercial and government organizations