Dealership Services

Dealership Consulting Services

DEKRA Automotive Consulting experts work closely with dealerships to provide the training, coaching and support to maximize profits, improve service department efficiency, increase customer satisfaction and retention, and achieve OEM certification.

Parts and Accessories Management
Experts at DEKRA leverage our web-based software tools to increase sales and profits of a dealership's parts and accessories. Our metrics-based approach concentrates on performance while our training and staffing services assure dealerships of sustainable improvement in sales of parts and accessories both at initial sale and in after sales.

Warranty Claims Optimization
DEKRA provides independent auditing, analysis, coaching, and training to reduce costs in the warranty claims process. Our proven processes identify and focus on high cost areas to:

  • Reduce unnecessary and ineffective repairs
  • Prevent repeat repairs or damage caused during service
  • Eliminate duplicate claims
  • Reduce labor and turnaround times
  • Deploy sustainable data analysis tools for continuous process improvement


Certified Collision Center Repair Certification
DEKRA provides everything you need to implement or optimize your OEM-certified collision repair center from initial strategy consulting to pre-auditing to personnel placement to marketing plan development to claims management. DEKRA's proven processes guided by Lean principles increase productivity, improve efficiency from show floor to the shop and increase revenue generation.

Lean Shop Implementation
DEKRA has the resources and expertise to implement a customized Lean workflow plan and to train your associates to sustain process improvement initiatives long after initial implementation. Our Lean shop program follows the 5S approach to not only improve the bottom line profit produced by the shop, but to also improve employee morale and retention as well as increase customer satisfaction. The 5S approach entails:

    Sort - Eliminate non-essential items and waste in the work area.
    Set in order - Well-organized workspaces label locations for essential tools.
    Shine - Workspaces are kept clean and orderly throughout the day.
    Standardize - Document best practices, tools, and work methods.
    Sustain - Maintain improvement by integrating the Lean methodology into the company culture.

Body & Paint Shop Design
Our consulting team works with dealerships in both design and initial construction of their Body & Paint Shop as well as optimization of existing shops to improve efficiency in work, increase customer satisfaction and retention, source or place staff, and maximize profit.

Executive Dealer Coaching
DEKRA works with executive management at a dealership to assess and identify areas of improvement according to industry best practices adapted to each dealership's unique needs and goals. Once an action plan is in place, DEKRA's proprietary software tools and implementation strategies track the success of improvements providing timely insight to dealership management for course correction and to further maximize profits.

Onsite and Remote Training
Training programs leveraging our expertise in industry best practices and proven strategies for process improvement are offered both on-site and in remote training sessions. Training programs are customized according to a dealership's specific needs and according to the audience for managers, sales professionals, or technical staff.

Specialized Professional Resources
Our personnel services include initial placement, temporary staffing, full-time sourcing, or part-time sourcing of management, sales, administrative, and technical experts backed by our proprietary technologies and training in proven best practices.

Other DEKRA Services
DEKRA provides a broad range of services to dealerships beyond consulting services, including:

Damage inspections - To support the warranty claim process with unbiased independent reports of a damage claim, DEKRA leverages our network of expert inspectors to assess cause of failure and prudent approach for repair on-site at the repair center.

Pre-purchase inspections - DEKRA's network of expert inspectors provide dealerships with an independent assessment of a vehicle's condition pre-purchase, pre-sale, off-lease, or prior to auction.

Vehicle Emissions & Safety inspections - DEKRA offers flexible invoicing options to dealerships to test vehicles at our inspection stations according to state smog and safety regulations when service departments exceed their inspection caps or for maintenance of a dealership's entire fleet.

Automotive lift inspections - DEKRA is an Associate Member of the Automotive Lift Institute (ALI) and works with our customers to publish lift safety policies, trains operators to recognize and mitigate potential risks and inspects automotive lifts on site.

Fleet valuations - DEKRA's network of expert inspectors assess the value of entire fleets for acquisition, reorganization, or insurance needs.

Organizational safety programs - DEKRA's Behavioral Science Technology (BST) team offers behavior-based safety programs to help create injury-free workplaces.

ISO 9001 Quality system certification - ISO 9001 is the most common quality system certification for a broad range of industries, providing improved efficiency and reduction of waste.

ISO 14001 Environmental system certification - ISO 14001 certification with DEKRA assures environmentally sound practices while improving efficiency and increasing profits.

ISO 50001 Energy system certification - ISO 50001 certification with DEKRA provides a clear and comprehensive energy management plan to reduce energy-related operational costs and increase energy efficiency.


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