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Texas Emissions & Safety
phone +1 (407) 292-5206

Texas Emissions & Safety Inspections

Our nine stations in North Central Texas have provided unbiased vehicle emissions & safety inspections for over a decade. Many of our clean and convenient locations have multiple lanes designed to complete your vehicle's inspection quickly. 


In, out, and on your way!

We value your time, and have designed our entire inspection process to be as efficient as possible, often getting you back on the road in 10-15 minutes. While you wait, have a seat in our clean and air-conditioned break room. 

Inspections ONLY

DEKRA specializes exclusively in inspections. Since we don't offer repair services, you can be assured an un-biased inspection every time. We also don't offer any other products, and won't ask you to buy a new pair of windshield wiper blades, or anything else. We're here simply to provide independent and accurate emissions & safety inspections.

Fast, Convenient, and Friendly

Our customers return year after year because of our service. We strive to provide the highest levels of customer service to each of our customers, and invest in safe, clean, and convenient stations. Don't just take our word for it - read our customer recommendations then stop by and see for yourself how our service makes all the difference.

Safety Inspection Basics

The State of Texas requires passenger vehicles, motorcycles, and RVs to be inspected each year. What to expect during an inspection? When arriving at our station, our professionally trained inspector will meet you at your vehicle. While you sit back and relax in our break room, the inspector will follow a detailed checklist to evaluate your vehicle's compliance with state regulations. For passenger vehicles 1996 and newer, "On Board Diagnostics" equipment allows us to evaluate many of the inspection criteria from the computer system. For older vehicles, the inspector will drive onto a device called a Dynamometer (a platform with rollers) and will accelerate to 25 miles per hour in order to test the emissions from the vehicle. The inspector also performs a brake test to evaluate the condition and stopping power of your brakes (motorcycles and RVs may be driven by the vehicle owner). After completing the checklist, you will receive a Vehicle Inspection Report. If your vehicle passes inspection, come see us next year for your next required inspection. If the vehicle fails inspection, our inspector will help you understand the failure and action required. Once the correction is made, return to DEKRA within 15 days for a free re-inspection. And remember to check out our Inspection Tips page for some simple ways to prepare for your test and avoid common failures.

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