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Emission Check in Georgia
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Georgia State Emission Inspections

For over 20 years, DEKRA has served the Atlanta and surrounding areas with unbiased emission inspection services. We specialize exclusively in testing only, and want your vehicle to pass inspection as much as you do! In fact, our staff of certified technicians are quick to offer suggestions on how to help your vehicle operate efficiently.

Fast, Convenient, and Friendly

We've selected the location of our stations carefully, each designed to get you in and out and back on the road quickly. All of our locations are safe, well-lit, and clean and exceed the State of Georgia's requirements as certified inspection stations. Our technicians are all certified by the State of Georgia as well, and take great pride in providing exceptional service to our customers. Don't just take our word for it - see what our customers have to say about our speed, convenience, and professionalism.


Emission Testing Basics

So, what exactly is an Emission Test and why do you need to test your vehicles? In short, an Emissions Test measures the amount of air pollution created by a vehicle. Gasoline-powered vehicle emissions are known to affect air quality impacting our overall health. Vehicles in need of repair or maintenance produce more air pollution, and the State of Georgia's Environmental Protection Division sets limits to the amount of air pollution each vehicle is allowed to produce without required action. If your vehicle's emission levels exceed these limits, our technicians will advise you of your options to help you through the inspection process. Once you've addressed the necessary repairs, simply return to one of our stations for a free re-test. And remember to check out our Inspection Tips page for some simple ways to prepare for your test, such as driving for 15 minutes before the test to allow the vehicle to warm up.

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